Today was a potentially pivotal day. After years – and years – of searching for land on Whidbey, I may have found it.

It seems the best yet when balancing all of our interests and then factoring in a realistically affordable price point. It is 15 acres in northeast Coupeville, located on a Parker Road promontory called Indian Hill above Long Point.

The land is beautiful: stately, older, well spaced, healthy Douglas fir are spread throughout, with native bushes and undergrowth below. The southern half is very level, and the northern half slopes down to within just 1 lot from Penn Cove on Puget Sound. Filtered views over the water are already there, and selective clearing/pruning could improve that. Views of Mount Baker on the horizon are possible as well.

This size and shape is terrific for our plans, the forest quality is a match, and few if any properties of this size have had water views in this price range before. It’s also fresh and undisturbed.  So, our building and stewardship plans can start with a relatively fresh start without having to work around someone else’s vision of a building site, clearing, driveway, and such.

The land also has some potential additional hoops to go through: it is Ebey’s Landing Historical Reserve (relatively minor issue, and good for the surrounding area), and it is immediately adjacent to a possible Swinomish Native American tribe cemetery. The latter issue apparently stopped the sellers from going through with their subdivision application for three new 5 acre lots. They didn’t want to deal with the extra work of addressing that.

After my bad experiences in working with negotiating items at my home in Burien, I am somewhat hesitant to knowingly get into another deal requiring extra work, negotiation, and complexities in dealing with possible archaeological sites on the property. But, on the flip side, that is part of the reason why this special parcel is well priced. It is too much work for developers, yet we have more time and flexibility than a developer so can work through the process. A 3 home PRD has been suggested by a local consultant in Coupeville, and that approach seems to make sense. If there are no archaeological sites on the property, then a regular subdivision should also work fine. It should be close enough for what we desire as well.

Heavy thinking about this to come…

  • December 2007