We are very excited to share that a new children’s book has been published based on a child’s journey through the Sculpture Forest, teaching important poignant lessons along the way such as the joy of exploration and movement, bravery in new challenges, and the importance of family. Do you have a young child or grandchild who has visited the Sculpture Forest with you? Would you like for them to own a book that they can really relate to from their personal experience? And have a book with positive, uplifting messages that also encourage fun ways for a child to be active? Then check out “Frankie’s Wish: A Wander In The Wonder“.

After a visit to the Sculpture Forest, publisher Terrel Lefferts, author Eva Stone, and artist Emilia Ruminska were inspired to write a book that expanded upon the positive experience with outdoor art that they saw here for children. The trio then crafted a story that incorporates many of the well known sculptures that are particularly popular with appreciative children. The book project was originally not even known by the Sculpture Forest team until they presented us with the completed book, already published and available everywhere including Amazon, bookstores, and more!

Christmas, other holidays, events, and birthdays are year-round. Need an idea for a gift? “Frankie’s Wish” could be just the thing. You can even make an adventure out of your gift by bringing the book to the Sculpture Forest and your child or grandchild can explore the forested trails with you to discover all of the sculptures woven throughout the story. Or, you can read the story at home together and reminisce about your adventures.

The publisher has very graciously offered to donate net proceeds from “Frankie’s Wish” to the nonprofit Sculpture Forest.


Kingfisher Bookstore in Coupeville
Langley Whale Center in Langley WA

Frankie's Wish book cover based on Price Sculpture Forest

Frankie’s Wish

Frankie's Wish book art based on entry arch by Michael Hauser and Ken Price at Price Sculpture Forest

Journey Through The Forest

Frankie's Wish book art based on T Rex by Joe Treat at Price Sculpture Forest

Meet Favorite Sculptures…

Frankie's Wish book art based on Attacking Eagle by Greg Neal at Price Sculpture Forest

…As They Come To Life