When is the Sculpture Forest open?

The park is currently under construction and closed to the public.  The eventual plan is to be open every day of the year from dawn to dusk.

Is there an admission fee?
Admission is free. If you can make a contribution of any amount toward continuing this grand experiment in creating and maintaining a privately funded public sculpture park, please do so at the Donate link below. Your donations go 100% to park maintenance and infrastructure. They will help ensure the park’s ability to stay open for the long term. The park does not yet receive any government support or grants. Everyone is always welcome, even if you cannot contribute a small donation.
Are dogs, pets, horses, bikes, or ATVs allowed?
No. The park’s trails are human pedestrian only. This is to create a relaxing and contemplative experience for all visitors who can focus on nature and art without distractions.
Is there parking?
Yes, there is a parking lot at the main entrance.
Is there a restroom or garbage cans?
No. Please come prepared accordingly and take all trash out with you.
Are self‐guided tours available?
Yes, they will be available! If you bring a mobile smart phone, you will be able to download our free app and enjoy a self‐guided walking tour through the entire park. Click here for more info.
Are guided tours available?
Not yet. We plan to offer guided tours for larger community groups and also general public tours on scheduled days in the future.