The Sculpture Forest is funded mostly by private donations from visitors and occasionally by grants. Your donation will keep this bold experiment going. The park is completely volunteer run and has no paid staff or excess overhead costs. All of your donation goes fully to park maintenance, infrastructure, art, services, and growth for the community.

Price Sculpture Forest is a Washington nonprofit operating foundation and has achieved federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit status.  If you enjoy the Sculpture Forest and what it is accomplishing, please help keep it open and growing for you, family, friends, and future visitors by sharing whatever tax deductible donation you are comfortable with.

There Are Many Possible Ways To Donate:

  • Donate one time or automatically recurring at the Donate Now button below
  • Donate through your personal donor-advised fund (DAF)
  • Donate via your employer’s matching program
  • Donate in memory or celebration of a loved one
  • Bequeath through your will or estate plan
  • Donate a sculpture
  • Contribute to acquisition of a sculpture
  • Donate for a specific purpose or project
  • Provide professional services