Sculptor Matt Babcock with Price Sculpture Forest

Matt Babcock

Matt Babcock is a metal sculptor from Seattle who hones nature, animals, and other subjects to their most essential elements to tell a visual story (Discobolos and Standing Otter)

Elizabeth Berrien with Price Sculpture Forest

Elizabeth Berrien

Elizabeth Berrien is an early pioneer and world renowned wire sculptor from Olympia, Washington who creates a wide range of subjects for private collectors, public spaces, and media outlets (Golden Pegasus and Cloud Heron)

David D'Ostilio sculptor with Price Sculpture Forest

David D’Ostilio

David D’Ostilio is a multi-media artist and educator from Congers, New York who addresses ecology and conceptualism with an emphasis on new technologies to add new dimensions for his multiple art forms (The Foundation of Animalia and Fungi)

Sculptor Gary Gunderson sculpture Pentillium at Price Sculpture Forest park garden Coupeville Whidbey Island

Gary Gunderson

Gary Gunderson is a kinetic sculptor from Issaquah, Washington who creates sculptures on different scales and loves to provide wow experiences for visitors, kids of all ages, and Burning Man (Pentillium)

Sculptor Jan Hoy sculptor at Price Sculpture Forest sculpture park in Coupeville on Whidbey Island

Jan Hoy

Jan Hoy is a well known local multi-media sculptor from Coupeville, Washington who creates cerebral, abstract compositions that span many themes and concepts (4-Up)

Kinetic sculptor Jeff Kahn at Price Sculpture Forest sculpture park in Coupeville on Whidbey Island

Jeff Kahn

Jeff Kahn is a nationally renowned kinetic sculptor from Lenhartsville, Pennsylvania who produces beautiful, elegant, hypnotic sculpture that moves by air and touch (Wind Shear)

Jennifer Kapnek painter sculptor with Price Sculpture Forest

Jennifer Kapnek

Jennifer Kapnek is an accomplished painter and sculptor from Portland, Oregon who has exhibited nationally in many venues with her unique ability to take 2D and 3D art into new directions, settings, and meanings (All Things Equal)

Sculptor artist Abigail Maxey at Price Sculpture Forest park garden in Coupeville on Whidbey Island

Abigail Maxey

Abigail Maxey is a fiber, lighting, and theater artist from Seattle who has mastered using reed to create twisting, organic, see-through, textural forms that encourage multiple meanings and interpretations (Entwined 6)

Sculptor artist Anthony Heinz May at Price Sculpture Forest

Anthony Heinz May

Anthony Heinz May is an emerging New York City sculptor and painter with site installations throughout the country, overlapping ideas and contexts of city life and people’s interaction with technology as they meet and approach cycles found in nature (Nature’s Keystone)

Pat McVay with Price Sculpture Forest

Pat McVay

Pat McVay is an expert woodcarver from Clinton, Washington who has created many unique, beautiful, and sometimes humorous wood sculptures that are on display throughout the Northwest for both public spaces and private homes (Heading Upstream and Icarus Was Here)

Sculptor Greg Neal at Price Sculpture Forest sculpture park in Coupeville on Whidbey Island

Greg Neal

Greg Neal is a talented metal sculptor from Coupeville, Washington who specializes in representing the beauty of birds in various types of steel (Soaring Eagle and Attacking Eagle)

Daniella Rubinovitz at Price Sculpture Forest park garden with Flying Fish in Coupeville on Whidbey Island

Daniella Rubinovitz

Daniella Rubinovitz is a degreed fine artist from Amsterdam, where she creates large scale public and private art commissions from her studio (Flying Fish)

Kirk Seese with Price Sculpture Forest

Kirk Seese

Kirk Seese is a multi-disciplinary artist from Maryland who has created murals, sculptures, and large scale installations across the country, spanning many materials, genres, and creative utilizations of technology in creating art (The Feather)

Jeff Tangen with Price Sculpture Forest

Jeff Tangen

Jeff Tangen is a creative metal sculptor from Port Townsend, Washington who uses re-purposed materials as material for his fun, intriguing visions that have been shared at Burning Man and various large exhibitions (Playa Flowers)

Sculptor Sue Taves with Price Sculpture Forest

Sue Taves

Sue Taves is a full time stone sculptor from Langley, Washington who has been exhibiting in public spaces, galleries, and art shows for many years; she is well known for her mastery of stone sculpting and her recurring themes of beauty and rhythms found in nature (We Are Water)

Sculptor Joe Treat with Price Sculpture Forest

Joe Treat

Joe Treat is a driftwood and bark sculptor from Bow, Washington who discovered his passion and unique aptitude to create realistic, fun, and entertaining sculptures that make many people smile after a happy encounter with his creations (Tyrannosaurus Rex and Gorilla)

Jenni Ward ceramic artist at Price Sculpture Forest park garden in Coupeville on Whidbey Island

Jenni Ward

Jenni Ward from Santa Cruz California has devoted her adult life to being a professional ceramic artist, interspersing many different forms, styles, and scale across her growing body of work (Lichen Series: Spore Patterns)

Bill Wentworth sculptor at Price Sculpture Forest park garden in Coupeville on Whidbey Island

Bill Wentworth

Bill Wentworth is a metal sculptor from Poulsbo Washington who has been creating organic, botanically inspired sculptures for many years and has exhibited widely (Cosmic Sail)

Andrew Woodard with Price Sculpture Forest

Andrew Woodard

Andrew Woodard is a nationally exhibited sculptor and educator from Madrid, New Mexico with a special interest in creating sculpture that serves as habitat for birds and bees, while he also enables others to participate in art through technology (Life Tree)

Sculptor MacRae Wylde at Price Sculpture Park sculpture park in Coupeville on Whidbey Island

MacRae Wylde

MacRae Wylde is a multi-talented, multi-media sculptor from Hood River, Oregon who creates work that span themes of humor, nature, politics, and abstract form (Inside Out 14 and 15, and Stevo’s Dream The Ultimate Flying Machine)

Boyang Yu at Price Sculpture Forest sculpture park in Coupeville on Whidbey Island

Boyang Yu

Boyang Yu is a thought-provoking interdisciplinary artist from New York City who provides new perspectives on human society through his art, exploring its overlooked role within nature (Points of Departure Act II)


Photography volunteer at Price Sculpture Forest


Bob is a friendly and fun neighbor who helps out with keeping the grounds looking good, security, sculpture installations, and whatever else may be needed

Linda Arthur volunteer at Price Sculpture Forest

Linda Hauser

Linda is an experienced artist from Langley who works in many different media, including painting and textile arts; she created custom hand painted trail signs for the park

Michael Hauser volunteer at Price Sculpture Forest

Michael Hauser

Michael is an expert woodworking craftsman and park supporter from Langley who has co-led creation of the information kiosks, entry welcome arch, signs, trail upgrades, and other important projects

Ken Price volunteer at Price Sculpture Forest

Ken Price

Ken is an expert woodworking craftsman from Langley who co-led creation of the entry welcome arch, information kiosks, road sign, sculpture plinths, trail upkeep, and many other important projects. He is father of the park’s founder. He is at Seanair’s Cove Woodworking.

Arts Organizations

Northwest Stone Sculptors Association logo

Northwest Stone Sculptors Association

Connecting and educating Northwest stone sculptors through symposia, events, publications, and support

Pacific Northwest Sculptors example sculptures

Pacific Northwest Sculptors

Camaraderie and sharing among sculptors throughout the Northwest, plus exhibits, workshops, lectures, and interactive meetings

Sculpture Northwest logo

Sculpture Northwest

Promoting and connecting sculptors in the Puget Sound region

Whidbey Island Art Trail logo

Whidbey Art Trail

Informative point to point tour with map of sculpture parks, galleries, and artist studios all across Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island Arts Council logo

Whidbey Island Arts Council

Advocating for Whidbey Island artists through programs, tourism, financial assistance, marketing, education, and connection

Community Organizations

Coupeville Chamber of Commerce logo

Coupeville Chamber of Commerce

Representing businesses and nonprofits throughout Coupeville and beyond.

Langley Chamber of Commerce logo

Langley Chamber of Commerce

Representing businesses and nonprofits throughout Langley and beyond.

Whidbey Camano Land Trust logo

Whidbey Camano Land Trust

Protecting and preserving the beauty, natural habitat, forest, shorelines, farms, and public enjoyment of Whidbey and Camano Islands.

Major Donors

Price Family on Table Mountain Trail Mt Baker Snoqualmie National Forest

Price Family

The Price Family has contributed the land, infrastructure, organization, and effort to launch this initiative that melds community, nature, and art.  They would love to collaborate with you on donation of sculpture, funds for specific projects, or whatever gives you positive energy.