Today starts “Give Big”, the 48 hours (May 3-4) of Washington’s largest online giving event for local nonprofit organizations such as the Sculpture Forest. You may not be aware that maintaining and growing the Sculpture Forest is entirely funded by public donations. We have a backlog of projects for the community just waiting until donations catch up to the costs of our list. We already have a queue to bring in more outdoor art experiences, expand the parking lot, install bike racks, and are creating an exciting cutting-edge new sculpture exhibition that has not been done by any sculpture park in the entire world!

Our nonprofit 501c3 organization is 100% volunteer led with no paid staff and extremely low overhead. All funds are applied to your experience and ensuring that the Sculpture Forest can stay open for the future. Please consider donating to help continue our grand experiment in art and nature plus bring you new experiences for your next visit.

Sean Dustman of Oak Harbor shared this photo from a family outing with his children Maisie and Juniper. He created a new perspective under Gary Gunderson‘s Pentillium while sharing his love for art and nature with his kids. “You guys did a great job! We’ll be regulars in your park now.”

You can donate any amount today on the Sculpture Forest’s website or on Washington’s Give Big website.

Sean with daughters Maisie and Juniper under Pentillium by Gary Gunderson - by Sean Dustman of Oak Harbor
Please donate to help the Sculpture Forest
  • May 2022