Construction of utilities are well underway and nearly complete.  CK Electric Services of Coupeville is the lead electrician contractor and RL Construction of Clinton is the lead earth moving contractor.

Initial installation is for electrical and Internet (hardwire and Wi-Fi) services at the park.  They are strategically located to cover key areas and be close to a proposed visitor center / gallery building location planned for a future phase of park expansion.  Locations were mapped out for the initial security cameras, motion lights, Internet access points, and support poles.  Code compliant ditches were dug (and inspected / approved by Washington Labor & Industries inspectors) connecting key points from the road utility pole into the forest.  Conduit was run in the ditches for both current and potential future additional uses, meter base and associated hardware was installed, concrete forms and poles were constructed, and ditches were back filled with conduit and wire in place underneath.

We are now continuing next steps until completion of installing all the utilities, hardware, and associated services.

Price Sculpture Forest utilities ditch from Parker Road utility pole
Utilities ditch from utility pole going into forest
Price Sculpture Forest utilities ditch under parking lot with conduit
Utilities ditch with conduit under future parking lot
Price Sculpture Forest utilities meter and hookups base
Meter and utilities base
  • June 2020