Jan Hoy created 4-Up to invoke a sense of motion and growth towards the sun. In the Sculpture Forest setting, the form and natural rust browns of Corten steel meld perfectly with the ground cover, trees, and verdant greenery backdrop. The setting is one of Jan’s favorite installation sites from over her many years of public exhibitions as a professional sculptor.

Fun backstory regarding its unusual name: The sculpture was unnamed for a while, and a friend of Jan was trying to reference it. So, the friend said “you know, the one that has the 4 things sticking up”. So “4-Up” was born!

Photographer Sara Stubblefield from Seattle actually uses real, honest to goodness film in her Hasselblad medium format camera. She develops and prints her photographs, and then she scans them when needed to share in the digital world.

“My fianc√© and I love to travel and explore as much as possible and of course I love to document it all on film. When I first heard about the Sculpture Forest it sounded like a very special place to me and indeed it is! I enjoyed walking through and discovering each piece. I hope many artists can create and display art here for many years to come.”

Thank you, Jan and Sara!

4-Up by Jan Hoy at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Sara Stubblefield at sarastubblefield dot com
4-Up by Jan Hoy, photo by Sara Stubblefield
  • July 2021