Afar Magazine published an article about highlights to visit when going to Whidbey Island, and they recommended the Sculpture Forest as a destination to experience. Aislyn Greene’s story “A Ferry Ride Away, a World Apart: A Weekend Retreat to Whidbey Island” is a helpful read for any visitor to Whidbey.  She says that the Sculpture Forest “mixes art into a variety of natural settings. Along the trail, you might encounter an unsettling pair of beeswax-covered legs in motion among the brush or a life-size T-Rex, crafted from driftwood and ready to pounce.”

Thank you, Aislyn and Afar!

2020-12-18 Afar article A Ferry Ride Away a World Apart A Weekend Retreat to Whidbey Island about Price Sculpture Forest
Afar Magazine article recommends visiting Price Sculpture Forest

  • January 2021