Headline: Attacking Eagle snatches baby from nearby loving mother and flies away! News at 11.

Brianna Smith of Oak Harbor hosted her father and stepmother for their first visit to see their new grandson Elijah and for their first visit to Washington state. Her father and son were inseparable on the Sculpture Forest trails, and it was a memorable experience for everyone together. Brianna’s father’s sense of humor came through when he offered up his beloved grandson to the talons of Greg Neal‘s Attacking Eagle, and the outcome is here for you to see. The entire family agreed that they wanted to visit the Sculpture Forest every time the grandparents came to visit, with the plan to hold Elijah up in the air in front of Attacking Eagle in different positions as Elijah grows over the years.

Thank you for sharing, Brianna, Elijah, and family!

Greg Neal Attacking Eagle at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Brianna Smith with son Elijah from Oak Harbor WA
Attacking Eagle swoops in for a tasty meal!
  • March 2021