I participated in a Northwest Natural Resource Group sponsored informative seminar on “How To Grow Your Own Old Growth”, held at the Ohop Grange in Eatonville. It had a gratifyingly full attendance of almost 60 people! The seminar covered the following topics:

  • Definitions of old growth forests
  • Prescriptions/methods for proactively setting up a forest to achieve the characteristics of an old growth forest in an accelerated time frame
  • Examples of long term working forest management plans and implementations
  • Variable thinning
  • Tree selection
  • Creating “gaps” to represent naturally occurring disturbances and open areas
  • Creating “skips” where forests are left to naturally compete and grow, even without thinning
  • Mimicking the progression and random patterns of disturbances
  • Distribution of different forestry practices for different areas and types of sites
  • Creating varying canopy levels
  • Encouraging productive understory
  • Wildlife habitat creation
  • Lower impact logging techniques and equipment
  • Case study projects from City of Seattle Cedar River Watershed and Department of Natural Resources
  • Overview, history, and forest management practices at Wild Thyme Farm

Good stuff, and good reminders of best practices for long term forest planning.


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  • February 2010