Our wheelchair accessible Nature Nurtured trail was included on This Is Whidbey site by author Kate Poss in her informative article “Riding the Bus with Maribeth, Wendy and Jack: ADA Accessible Trails“. The author and her compatriots took an interesting tour of trails throughout Whidbey Island, evaluating them for design, ease of access, and a bit of fun.

“The Price Sculpture Forest in Coupeville is a new and outstanding addition to accessible adventures on Whidbey. The first loop (Nature Nurtured) trail at the Price Sculpture Forest in Coupeville is four feet wide and easy to enjoy if using either an electric or manual chair. The second loop (Whimsy Way) is only three feet wide and steeper so is not ADA accessible. It is a real thrill to come around a corner of the trail and discover an amazing piece of sculpture.”

Nature Nurtured was intentionally designed to be as flat and accessible as possible. Since part of the park is on a hillside looking out toward Penn Cove, the Whimsy Way loop trail was separated off as an additional option for those open to a sloped trail while the flat Nature Nurtured loop makes a complete circumnavigation of the entire upper “plateau” section of the park.

Thank you for including us in your adventures, Kate, Wendy, Maribeth, and Jack!

This Is Whidbey article intro ADA accessible trails includes Price Sculpture Forest
Article by Kate Poss with Wendy, Maribeth, Jack, and David
  • May 2021