Island County provides online Critical Areas maps, which show areas generally thought to be bodies of water, wetlands, steep slopes, historic places, and other locations of particular interest to the county from a permitting and management perspective. Having a property within particular Critical Areas places either additional restrictions or additional issues that need to be addressed when building on or modifying the land there.

The map indicates several items of note for our property:

  1. Located in Ebey’s Landing National Historic District (light blue area)
  2. Slopes 40% and greater (diagonal red lines); This is actually incorrect except for perhaps the lowest/northernmost edge of our property. So, I will need to address this and possibly hire a surveyor to confirm the actual gentler slopes if planning to build within that area.
  3. Noise zone (pink dot outline), from Coupeville Outlying Field airport (though flights are only a few times a month)
  4. Residential shoreline (red dots out in water), though not immediately adjacent to our property
Island County critical areas map for Long Point Coupeville

Island County critical areas map for Long Point Coupeville

  • November 2008