Talk about some trippy mushrooms! Accomplished local nature photographer Jann Ledbetter was taking a photography workshop at the Pacific Northwest Art School called “Zen Camera: The Art of Slowness”. Jenni Ward‘s “Lichen Series: Spore Patterns” sculpture called out to Jann for doing something unique with it for her workshop.

“This photo was a multiple exposure shot, 4 different images merged in camera and then converted to black & white. I live about a mile walk to the Price Sculpture Forest and it’s one of my favorite places to take visitors. I enjoy wandering the trails at different times of day as many of the sculptures change based on the angle of the light etc. As a birder, I appreciate that the rich habitat has been left mostly undisturbed, inviting diversity in the wildlife. This week, I will have gone to Price Sculpture Forest three different times, once for a Whidbey Audubon field trip, once for the photography workshop, and once with family that is visiting me!!”

Thank you, Jann and Jenni!

Lichen Series Spore Patterns by Jenni Ward - 4 exposures photo by Jann Ledbetter of Coupeville WA
Jan’s multi-exposure view of Spore Patterns
  • September 2021