A Nature Nurtured interpretation of Gary Gunderson‘s “Pentillium” is to depict either the leaves of a hanging flower or the stalks of a plant growing up together.  Nonetheless, Gary also loves whimsical visitor interpretations such as a spaceship, transporter room, and even one visitor said it was “The Cheese Grater Monster.”  In that spirit of open interpretation, photographer Jay Epelman visited the Sculpture Forest from Los Angeles for a fun photo shoot positioning LEGO characters with relevant sculptures along the trails.

“For about 10 years, I’ve been bringing small LEGO minifigures with me on my travels as a way to document where I’ve been. I came across the Sculpture Forest on a day off from two Adventure Cycling bike trips I was leading on the Olympic Discovery Trail. I saw the Forest on a map so decided to bike over… I’m so glad I did! My favorite part was how seamless the artwork integrated with the trees and atmosphere like it had been there for decades. Each piece was unique and forced you to stop on your walk and examine each side from every angle. You’re also outside enjoying the artwork, which really hammers home the point that art is for everyone and doesn’t need to be confined to one setting (like a museum).”

Thank you for sharing, Jay and Gary!

Pentillium by Gary Gunderson with Lego figure at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Jay Epelman

  • December 2023