Lisa Dills re-visited the Sculpture Forest to experience it when the forest and sculptures were blanketed in snow. She captured Greg Neal‘s Attacking Eagle in full snowy flight under a setting sun.

“I grew up in Skagit County and enjoy discovering unique locations that surround us but that are oftentimes overlooked. Price Sculpture Forest is one of these hidden gems. Having visited before during warm weather, I was excited to experience the art enhanced by the snow. Whether it’s different times of day or different types of weather, the sculptures are enjoyed in a different way each time I visit. I have too many favorite sculptures to list and I love to see how others see and photograph the very same sculpture but capture something completely different.”

Thank you, Lisa and Greg!

Attacking Eagle by Greg Neal in snow at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Lisa Dills Instagram onedayatatimeinphotos
Lisa’s photo of Greg’s eagle
  • February 2023