Woodworker Bill Evans, who lives near the Sculpture Forest, graciously donated his beautiful wood bench to the park for everyone to enjoy. It has been installed in a pretty location that is well-positioned for a rest stop halfway up the hill on the Whimsy Way trail.  The bench is near our active eagle’s nest, has a partial filtered view of Penn Cove, is surrounded by towering conifers with lush understory, and is well shaded for warm days.

“I had the pleasure of another visit to the park, with out-of-town guests. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I wanted to express appreciation for the park and your efforts.

I believe the bench might enhance the experience of visitors by providing a place to rest and further contemplate either a piece of sculpture or the natural beauty found in the park. The natural wood look and feel of the bench should compliment the park’s ambience and general ode to nature.

I have a passion for old wood and the stories that lie buried within. I like to use old or discarded wood for my woodworking, as the old bowling alley, fence post, and salvaged live-edge pieces that form this bench shows. There’s a beauty and natural truth in repurposed pieces that evolve out of the carving, sanding, and finishing of old wood.

I am honored to be able to offer this old bench for the weary or contemplative visitor to this wonderful sculpture garden, this community treasure. Rest awhile, and listen for the muted stories.”

Come by, relax, and enjoy this appreciated contribution.

Thank you, Bill!

Bill Evans of Coupeville with Price Sculpture Forest

Bill Evans wood bench at Price Sculpture Forest

  • June 2023