Boyang Yu‘s Points of Departure Act II is a unique and meaningful site installation at the Sculpture Forest. Sara Stubblefield of Seattle honed in on the intentionally precarious chair at the top of the sculpture which floats above the earth while communicating its messages about our human relationship with nature, materials, and design.

“My fiancé and I love to travel and explore as much as possible and of course I love to document it all on film. When I first heard about the Sculpture Forest it sounded like a very special place to me and indeed it is! I enjoyed walking through and discovering each piece. I hope many artists can create and display art here for many years to come.”

Thank you, Sara and Boyang!

Points of Departure Act II by Boyang Yu at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Sara Stubblefield at sarastubblefield dot com
Sara’s photo of Boyang’s art
  • November 2021