In 2023, we unveiled the world’s first exhibition of real world physical sculptures converted into the new interactive medium of Augmented Reality.  The pioneer partner artists in this endeavor are Betsy Power, William Baran-Mickle, Michael Finch, and Stephen Klema.  We appreciate their abilities as artists and their willingness to experiment and extend.  We are maintaining their AR sculptures to enable a return engagement in the future.

On July 25 2024, this first AR exhibition will come to a close at the Sculpture Forest. Starting Saturday July 27, a new group of artists from around the nation will be exhibited for you to experience in realistic and interactive Augmented Reality.  If you have not yet seen these pioneers, come visit soon before they return to their own reality.

Inciting Hope by William Baran-Mickle on AR app while showing actual pedestal behind it at Price Sculpture Forest


  • July 2024