Wanna see Joe Treat‘s “T Rex” in ferocious 3D right from your phone or computer?  Check out what visualization designer Eric Klein from Clinton WA created: an interactive 3D model of T Rex, rotatable to many spatial viewpoints by your fingers or mouse.  Click here.

“This technology is part of a rapidly evolving set of tools centered around photogrammetry, the scientific approach to extracting 3D environments from 2D photographs. This specific technology utilizes a form of radiance field called ‘3D gaussian splatting.’

My favorite part of creating this experience was being at the park, seeing this amazing work of art, and then being able to share it with others!  As these tools expand, I’m intrigued by the opportunity to blend the physical and digital worlds in meaningful and immersive ways.”

Thank you, Eric and Joe!

T Rex by Joe Treat at Price Sculpture Forest - from 3D visualization by Eric Klein

  • November 2023