Pick up the latest edition of Whidbey Weekly! Editor Kathy Reed and publisher Eric Marshall featured our participating Amsterdam artist Daniella Rubinovitz and her popular new aerial installation Flying Fish that now swims through the Sculpture Forest. The story includes the history of how Daniella and Flying Fish came to be a prominent new installation in the sculpture park, from early meetings and initial ideas through how it was conceptualized, created, installed, and accomplished across 9 time zones.

“Price Sculpture Forest in Coupeville has landed a big, big fish. Rather, the Sculpture Forest is now home to its first sculpture by an international artist – a massive school of “Flying Fish,” created by Amsterdam artist Daniella Rubinovitz.

Now, as people explore the paths at the forest – which is home to dozens of sculptures from artists on the island, around the region, across the country and now on the other side of the world – they can’t help but notice the newest addition, which is suspended in the trees, its shiny metal surface catching light and shadow, making the ‘Flying Fish’ appear to fly through the old growth forest.”

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Thank you, Kathy and Eric!

Whidbey Weekly article intro Flying Fish Land At Price Sculpture Forest about Daniella Rubinovitz
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  • June 2021