We are thankful that Whidbey Camano Tourism has produced a short video story and article about the Sculpture Forest. Videographer and author Jack Penland visited the Forest on multiple occasions, interviewing Scott and using intriguing videography techniques to soothingly tell a story.

“16 acres of Whidbey Island are now an enchanting blend of woodland and sculptures. The Price Sculpture Forest just outside the Coupeville town limits is a place where art, both serious and whimsical, blend with the forest to create an experience where art and nature compliment each other.

Price explains that the natural setting ‘makes the experience of the sculpture more than you would get in a regular gallery, and the art enhances the natural experience because you get to walk along and wonder what is around the next corner.'”

Thank you to Sherrye Wyatt for her team’s ongoing appreciated support, to Jack for his prowess in visual and written story telling, and to Erin Osborne for her many skills in sharing positive experiences with others.

Whidbey Camano Tourism article and video This Forest Delights With Amazing Sculptures to Fire Your Imagination about Price Sculpture Forest
Whidbey Camano Tourism article and video story
  • June 2021