The big travel group site 365 Things To Do In Washington State has recently included us on their list of the best things to experience in Washington state. The Sculpture Forest appears to already have the highest combined volume of likes, comments, and shares of anywhere in Washington that this long running site has ever recommended!

“Discover the Price Sculpture Forest located in Coupeville. Follow the winding path through a labyrinth of life-size sculptures from local artists. Some are easily spotted, others will make you work for it – hidden behind trees or hanging from branches. The living trail system has two walking trail loops, each with their own theme: Nature Nurtured sculptures relate to earth’s elements, while Whimsy Way sculptures are more playful.”

Thank you, Scenic Washington State 365 team!

2021-02-17 365 Things To Do in Washington State recommendation to visit Price Sculpture Forest
365 Things To Do In Washington State recommends visiting the Sculpture Forest
  • February 2021