This story grew far beyond our expectations. As part of our ongoing priority of giving to the community, we chose Gifts From The Heart Food Bank to receive half of all our donations received at our recent “WANDER/WONDER: a sculptured dance happening” event. The other half of donations went toward covering the event’s many expenses. While that would have been a nice donation to the food bank, the results of this effort became magnified in a big, BIG way.

A visitor who came to see our event from Texas donated an astounding $140,000 directly to Gifts From The Heart as a result of their experience at the Sculpture Forest event and us featuring the food bank as a worthy local nonprofit organization.  This unexpected influx to Gifts From The Heart has quickly become the essential majority of final (and most difficult) funds that were needed to construct a new food bank facility for the local community.

The generous donor’s gift to the community food bank demonstrates how positive, impactful art and performance can inspire people to think and act expansively in their lives. We are happy to have been the catalyst that enabled this amazing donation to Gifts from the Heart.

Karina Andrew of The Whidbey News-Times wrote a very nice article that tells even more of this happy story, “Anonymous Donation Propels Food Bank Toward New Home.”

Gifts From The Heart Food Bank logo with tagline

  • September 2023