Chain saws have a lot of cutting power and are fast moving gizmos.  So, proper technique and safety precautions are important. In addition to the safety features that come integrated with my chain saw and brush cutter, I also use protective clothing specifically designed for chain saw applications.

I use an adjustable forester’s hard hat that integrates a metal mesh face shield, attached hearing protection ear cups, visor, and neck sun/rain protection. I especially like the ear muff design, since the cups can be rotated out away from my head and ears at any time while not operating the equipment.

I also recently ordered special chainsaw protective chaps that have an interesting multi-layer material made of fibers that bunch up into a ball and instantly jam any chainsaw that may come into contact with it. It is formed from 600 Denier nylon in 6 layers, and meets ASTM and UL testing requirements for preventing cuts from chain saws.

PS This blog post is dedicated to Mom. 🙂

Chainsaw protective chaps pants

Chainsaw protective chaps / pants

  • May 2008