Claudia Neil is a rhythmic gymnast from the Philippines who now lives in Oak Harbor, Washington. She ventured upon our “You Too Can Be A Sculpture” installation and was inspired.

“I went to the Sculpture Forest with my sisters just to unwind and to see those amazing sculptures. I was a former Rhythmic Gymnast in the Philippines. When I read the phrase “You too can be a sculpture”, the first thing that came up to me was to do gymnastics poses, which I love doing and happily did. Going to that Forest gives me the freedom to know that wherever I go, there’s always a hidden place for me to embrace myself as well as the beauty of nature.”

And to give you Sculpture Forest fans an early heads-up: an onsite immersive dance event by a professional dance troupe has been created specifically for the Sculpture Forest and is coming at the end of August. Stay tuned for announcements soon.

Thank you for sharing and experiencing, Claudia!

You Too Can Be A Sculpture by Claudia Neil from Oak Harbor WA at Price Sculpture Forest
Claudia as Sculpture
  • July 2022