Danny and Nicole Hagen of Mount Vernon WA have made a favorite family outing of visiting the Sculpture Forest with their children Duncan, Torsten, and Kaysen. The boys all posed together at You Too Can Be A Sculpture, each in their individual kid-like ways.

“Adventures out on Whidbey Island are quite frequent for us because we can usually get out of the rain. Doing the Sculpture Forest and then heading to Fort Casey is one of our favorite combinations of things to do. The boys really enjoy Joe Treat’s driftwood animals, since he is a Skagit County local, but make it a point to admire every different piece of art as we walk through. I love the fact that it gets my kids outside, exercising, and flexing their creativity muscles all at the same time.

Thank you so much for putting together such a an incredible experience for so many people!”

Thank you, Hagen family!

You Too Can Be A Sculpture at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Danny Hagen of Mount Vernon with kids Duncan, Torsten, Kaysen Instagram dannyhagen50
Duncan, Torsten, and Kaysen becoming sculptures
  • March 2023