The Whidbey Weekly newspaper has published an engaging new story by editor Kathy Reed about our new Augmented Reality Exhibition. Kathy adroitly explains the background and experience of this exhibition, which is the first of its kind in the entire world.

“The Price Sculpture Forest in Coupeville is boldly going where no museum, gallery or art exhibition has ever gone before.

Using digital technology on our mobile phones and tablets, this augmented reality experience merges the real world with the digital world, making the sculptures appear in front of us… augmented reality enhances what one sees in the real world with an overlaid, digital image. It may sound complicated, but the technology will be easy to use.

This new technology shows the local community is more than capable of pushing boundaries and doing new, exciting things.”

Thank you, Kathy and Whidbey Weekly!

Whidbey Weekly article Price Sculpture Forest Augments Reality by Kathy Reed
  • March 2023