I adjusted the public parking lot driveway and parking spaces a few feet here and a few feet there, all to optimize for the highest number and largest trees that could be saved. I was able to strike a good balance, and some trees that may have been removed will instead hopefully come right up to the edge of the parking lot. I’ll need to be aware of potential root compaction from the parking lot and car weight, though at least even the trees on the edge will have a fighting chance to continue on, instead of just cutting everything down for convenience.

The driveway entrance happened to overlap where a 25 mph sign existed. Island County Public Works was very prompt and easy to work with. They quickly moved the sign after I filed and completed the Access Permit process.

2019-10-08 Parking lot corner marker in forest at Price Sculpture Forest in Coupeville

Corner flag markers in the dense native understory showing future parking lot corners

2019-10-08 Orange driveway entrance marker stakes at Price Sculpture Forest in Coupeville

Orange markers indicate where the driveway entrance will be going

  • October 2019