The idea of a driveway became a bit more tangible today.

After buying a roll of bright yellow flagging tape at a local hardware store, we walked the length of the existing old logging road into the property.  We bushwhacked its length while looking for the best entry curve and minimization of soil compaction around tree roots. The tape went up on trees and bushes at a few strategic spots so the general path could be seen as we hiked through the understory. Amazing how quickly we could walk ahead 60 feet, turn around, and try to figure out “which was that last tree we talked about again?” Hence, the bright yellow tape.

The path and swoop of the driveway follows the general idea of my site plan pretty closely, though there may be a slightly more sweeping curve at around the midway point.

Next steps are going to be:

  • Rent a bush whacker
  • Rent a chipper to distribute the bushes
  • Buy a chainsaw and remove some of the fallen logs over the driveway route
  • Later, install posts and a lockable cable across the entrance
  • April 2008