Puget Sound Energy brought electricity to the Sculpture Forest. This will initially be used for security cameras, motion activated lights, and Internet.  In advance, we hired an excavation team to dig a series of ditches and we also hired a team of electricians to install all of the conduit, utility base with multiple electrical & device boxes, utility poles, cameras, and lights.  Then, the PSE team came out and installed a transformer on the nearby utility pole, installed an underground concrete handhole box, and connected their electrical lines to our conduit and electrical lines.  In the words of Hollywood: Lights, camera, action!

Puget Sound Energy PSE team and trucks connecting electricity at Price Sculpture Forest
Puget Sound Energy team and trucks arrive to connect electricity
Utilities ditch with conduit by Parker Road with Puget Sound Energy PSE trucks
Utilities ditch with conduit
Puget Sound Energy PSE boom lift installing electricity at Price Sculpture Forest
Technician in boom lift installing vertical conduit for electrical lines
Puget Sound Energy PSE installing transformer on pole at Price Sculpture Forest
PSE team installing transformer on utility pole
Puget Sound Energy underground concrete handhole electricity at Price Sculpture Forest
Underground concrete handhole box that connects electricity from utility pole lines to pre-installed underground conduit
Puget Sound Energy PSE electric meter zero usage at Price Sculpture Forest
Electric meter showing its brief status of zero usage
  • July 2020