The Daily Herald newspaper recently featured the Sculpture Forest as a place to escape, including during the COVID era.  Reporter Sara Bruestle and photographer Olivia Vanni had a fun time experiencing the Forest and its art-filled trails, including descriptions of their personal favorites with nice photos.  They also included fellow nature park Earth Sanctuary on south Whidbey, which offers spiritual sculptures by its founder.  Lots of nice ways to be out in a safe outdoor environment and get your Recommended Daily Allowance of nature and art.
Sara described the park as being designed so “visitors can wander through a winding labyrinth of sculptures” to ensure “you’re not only discovering the old-growth forest around you, but also the art – because it may be hanging from trees or hiding behind foliage.”

2020-10-22 Daily Herald Everett Article Visit these Whidbey Island Sculpture Parks to Escape COVID-19 intro
Lead photo of Daily Herald article

  • November 2020