Sculptor and muralist Kirk Seese recently embarked on a cross-country journey from his hometown in Maryland to install The Feather in the Sculpture Forest and then install a huge $250,000 sculpture in Renton’s Sunset Neighborhood Park this past week.  The Feather is part of his Pluma Sculptura series, with unique variations on public exhibit in multiple states all around the country.
The Feather is now located on a sweeping curve of the Nature Nurtured trail, with two woodpecker-hole snag trees located behind it to the left and right.  His unique printed color palettes look like a multi-sided feather in some light and look like stained glass in other light.  Be on the lookout for The Feather on your next visit.
Welcome to the Sculpture Forest, Kirk!
Kirk Seese with Price Sculpture Forest
Kirk Seese
Kirk Seese The Feather at Price Sculpture Forest park garden in Coupeville on Whidbey Island
The Feather
  • November 2020