Daniella Rubinovitz‘s Flying Fish aerial sculpture changes and moves with weather, time of day, and perspective, each time different than on a prior visit. Jesse Walters from Mount Vernon WA evoked one of the sculpture’s reflective moods, looking like a school of local fish swimming through a Douglas fir kelp forest, as intended.

Jesse said “I came out here 3 years ago from Ohio to explore the earth and perhaps call the PNW my home. My drive is to show the world how I see it…. To bring beauty to all things. I’m a territory manager and drive Whidbey Island weekly to visit my accounts. I was feeling the itch to find something new, something nearly hidden and fascinating. I saw the Price Sculpture Forest on my map and immediately changed my route. To my surprise, the forest was a whimsical place filled with art and imagination. I was the only person there, which I welcome. I only expected to walk a bit and get back into my car, but it was so much more than I had expected. Thank you for making this wonderful and peaceful place open to the public! A Magical Gem in Coupeville. Many thanks!!”

Thank you, Daniella and Jesse!

Flying Fish by Daniella Rubinovitz at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Jessica Walters
Jesse’s photo of Daniella’s Flying Fish
  • September 2022