The Sculpture Forest is welcoming visitors from all around the US and from other countries around the world. While on a grand tour, Sharon Kurtz of Dallas TX shared her own story of how she came from a couple thousand miles away to end up at our Experiment in Art and Nature:

“I was in Alaska recently, leading 14 women on an 11 day Overland adventure from the Kenai Peninsula to Denali. I had to pass through Sea-Tac airport on my way home to Dallas, which was a perfect opportunity to stop for a few days to explore Whidbey Island.

I’m amazed that just a short ferry ride from Seattle can take me to such scenic beauty and tranquility. The island is a gem. The natural beauty of the rural countryside and views of the water and mountains encourage me to take a deep breath, slow down, and relax into island time.

I overhead a local while waiting in line for a pastry at The Little Red Hen Bakery, telling his companion about this Sculpture Forest nearby and not to miss it. He was right–I was amazed that such a place existed. Free for visitors to wander through a forest of century-old trees while admiring such beautiful sculptures in a natural setting was incredible. I didn’t get to stay nearly long enough. Now I have a reason to come back to Whidbey and revisit, discovering more of where art and nature meet. Thanks for creating such an exceptional space.”

While visiting, she also enjoyed Jeff Kahn‘s Wind Shear turning gracefully in a gentle breeze.

Thank you, Sharon and Jeff!

Wind Shear by Jeff Kahn at Price Sculpture Forest park garden in Coupeville Whidbey Island - photo by Sharon Kurtz of Dallas TX
Sharon’s photo of Jeff’s Wind Shear
  • September 2022