Local Coupeville sculptor Greg Neal has brought the elegant Gliding Albatross to the skies of the Sculpture Forest.  He also constructed a nice bench for you to relax and enjoy the art in its natural setting.

Greg specializes in sculptures of birds.  He enjoys the challenge of representing their form and beauty.  Gliding Albatross is made entirely of stainless steel, using compound curves to create the contours of the albatross’ body.

Greg had also separately brought to the sculpture park Soaring Eagle, which was purchased recently as a touching memorial to local nature lover Pam Young (and it will be staying at the Sculpture Forest for you to see, as well).

Come visit Greg’s Gliding Albatross after we open!

Greg Neal Gliding Albatross at Price Sculpture Forest sculpture park Coupeville Whidbey Island
Greg Neal’s Gliding Albatross flies through the Forest
  • September 2020