The ferry ride over to Whidbey was gorgeous. It got us all amped up to make some more progress on our driveway trail project.

We first stopped by the annual Coupeville Lions Club garage sale, which apparently is quite the big event when it starts early Saturday morning each year. People line up behind ropes to be the first in! Since we were there mid-day Sunday, it was mostly left-overs by then (though it was still a huge amount of stuff). We did buy two plastic outdoor kids chairs for 50 cents to go with the dollar adult chairs Karen recently purchased at a Goodwill store. We wanted to leave some simple weatherproof chairs at the property.

The day was hot enough to make Karen a bit woozy as we hauled brush and tree limbs into the trailer, making a couple trips to the local transfer station. On one visit there, I raided the lumber pile and got some free now-recycled plywood and 2X4s for the simple makeshift outhouse we were planning to put together there soon. We’d like to invite some friends up to camp later this summer, so a semi-organized hole in the ground would help things.

As of today we have all of the brush and tree limbs removed from the trail up to the point where we left off last time (where the old logging road ends in a mound). After seeing all of the scratches in the paint of Karen’s car, we next need to widen it some to make vehicle entry easier.

2008-06-29 Hauling brush and limbs from trail clearing into trailer

Hauling brush and limbs from trail clearing into trailer

Our kind neighbors visited, and David offered to bring his heavy tractor over so we can move a mid-section of the tree that lays across the driveway path. In the near future I’ll cut out a 20+ foot section of the tree, using blocks and wedges to keep everything secure, and then he can apparently move it around quite easily with chains attached to the front end of his tractor. Looking forward to doing that. He has done a lot of tree felling and wood cutting over the years, so his inputs are always helpful.

  • June 2008