Amy Laura Lynn kindly shared her recent experience of visiting the Sculpture Forest with her family. It was so heartwarming that we asked if we could share it with others and she was happy to do so:

“I just wanted to say, our preschool teacher read the review about you in the Seattle’s Child and shared it to our group. I took my two children (ages 5 and 2), a friend and her son (5) on Monday and it was crazy busy [MLK holiday] but we had a wonderful time. Tuesday I returned with both my kids and my husband because I felt that he’d missed out and the kids wanted to go back. We live in Marysville so it took us an hour and a half one way to get there. And I wouldn’t change it for the life of me. Thank you for what you have and for what you’re doing.”

And check out her self-captioned picture here, too.

Wow, that is super cool, Amy. You are actively creating positive memories for your family, and you are responding to the energy from your kids. Thank you for being a supportive participant in the Sculpture Forest. Enjoy your next family outing together!

2021-01-20 Daughter Emily and son Aiden - by Amy Laura Lynn of Marysville WA
Emily and Aiden enjoying the trails together
  • January 2021