Photographer Jennifer Craig from Clarkston Washington was observant of the details that nature provides along the Sculpture Forest’s walking paths.  A spider’s web collected water from rain droplets, reflecting and rounding light around it.

“I came to the Sculpture Forest while on vacation to relax, take a nice 20 minute walk, and take in some beautiful art. Little did I know I would spend almost 3 hours within the Sculpture Forest, studying, contemplating, being taken in by, and amazed by the whole experience! There is so much beauty and calm within the Sculpture Forest that you can’t help but be drawn into it and want to spend time there. I love how the lines and colors of the sculptures blend right in with the surrounding flora. It’s a wonderful place of peace, reflection, and relaxation. What a treasure to have on Whidbey Island!”

Spider web covered in rain droplets at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Jennifer Craig

  • July 2023