Now is a beautiful, verdant time of year to walk our paths for some “forest bathing”.  Robert Richardson from Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada recently enjoyed his stroll and photographed along the way.

“This was my first-ever visit to Whidbey Island and the Coupeville area. As I am a full-time caregiver, I get limited time away.  So, each year I try to visit areas of Washington state that I haven’t been before (as well as visiting old favorites). My first night on Whidbey, I drove from Oak Harbor (where I was staying) to Coupeville, arriving just in time for sunset and to see more deer than people. It was so lovely! Whenever I visit an area I try to do a little preliminary research to try and find things that would be of particular interest. When the Price Sculpture Forest came up, it ticked all of the boxes that demanded I visit.

Unbelievably happy that I did – during my brief five day trip this was one of the best discoveries. Somehow, I managed to be the only person there, which felt like winning a lottery ticket. The trail was perfectly groomed, the sculptures integrated in a delightful way that felt more organic than obtrusive, and the entire location felt like an oasis. I just felt the stress of life melt away while I was walking through there, breathing deeply in the sweet air and enjoying the little hummingbirds that seemed to pop up along the way. This was my first visit but it will not be the last, and I truly look forward to returning to the Sculpture Forest. To Coupeville, as well!”

Thank you for sharing, Robert!

Walking trails at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Robert Richardson

Hiking trails at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Robert Richardson

  • July 2023