Koway Kuo of Seattle found solace and inspiration remembering his brother while in the presence of Soaring Eagle by Greg Neal. Just as David Young donated this sculpture in memory of his wife Pam, Koway reflected in memory of John.

“My Mom and Dad had come to visit me from Taiwan. Last time I’d seen them was 2 years ago, due to the pandemic. My Mom planned this trip for us to Whidbey Island and Price Sculpture Forest was one of the destinations. It was our first time visiting and we were amazed by the creativity of the artwork along the trail. I have never been to a forest like this! Really loved the concept of this park because in fitness I understand many people lack the motivation to move. This park definitely motivated me to keep going to find out what sculpture lies ahead.

I took this picture in front of the sculpture’s wings because it reminded me of my big brother John, who passed away last year. Birds were a symbol of him. He had bird tattoos that represented life and death. The wings made me feel like he was strengthening and protecting me.”

Thank you for sharing your story about your family visit, Koway!

Soaring Eagle by Greg Neal and donated by David Young - photo with Koway Kuo of Seattle Washington
Koway with Soaring Eagle
  • November 2022