Andrea from Mount Vernon “was zooming around Google Maps looking for new-to-me hiking spots and just happened upon the Price Sculpture Forest. So, I decided to check it out before hiking around Coupeville/Whidbey. I really enjoyed the diversity of the artwork and the mediums used, as well as the natural beauty of the forest it all lives within. Thanks for creating such a neat place!”

While strolling through the woods, sunlight streamed through the branches and illuminated Elizabeth Berrien‘s “Cloud Heron”. Elizabeth is a world renowned wire artist who always starts with the head of an animal first, since that is most critical and if it isn’t right she will start over. From there, she formed and braided the wires down the neck and body. When she came to the point of starting to bring the body in tightly, she looked at all the wires and realized she could instead expand them for a more ephemeral, wispy appearance that evokes both movement of wings and the bird flying from out of a cloud. And Cloud Heron was born!

Thank you, Elizabeth and Andrea!

Cloud Heron by Elizabeth Berrien at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Andrea from Mount Vernon Instagram aaaaahhhhhh
Cloud Heron
  • November 2022