Matt Sionson from nearby Oak Harbor WA enjoys perfecting his photography while getting outside. “During my spare time, I often challenge myself to explore all of Whidbey Island. During the summer, I picked up photography to take a step back to truly appreciate some of the island’s beauty. Through conversations with coworkers and old friends from Coupeville, I was recommended Sculpture Forest. Spending time there, I found myself inspired by all of the available artwork. I wanted to know what motivated different artists with how they see and perceive the world.

This has become one of my favorite spots after being on the island for more than two decades. The forest is filled with creativity and it is relaxing to go through the trails on an autumn day — feeling the crisp, cold air and experiencing nature. It makes me want to create more art. The Sculpture Forest is absolutely lovely and is a must-visit for those on the island.”

Matt was particularly intrigued by David D’Ostilio‘s “Foundation of Animalia and Fungi”, giving it a moody and atmospheric look in black and white. Foundation was recently the Sculpture Forest’s first sculpture to be restored, since it was made of all organic materials and has been out in the elements for over two years. The sculpture looks great again and is ready for more years ahead to experience it.

Foundation of Animalia and Fungi by David D'Ostilio at Price Sculpture Forest - photo by Matt Sionson of Oak Harbor WA Instagram mattsionson
Foundation of Animalia and Fungi
  • December 2022