Icarus’ falling feathers relay an intriguing story from Greek mythology. Pat McVay brings that story to life through his vibrantly painted, hand carved cedar feathers that extend high into the heavens of the Sculpture Forest. Pat also shares the story in his video that is part of the onsite self-guided tour.

Jeffrey and Kate Neuberger of Oak Harbor brought their 10 year old granddaughter Grace to the Sculpture Forest. Jeffrey and Kate are new island residents, exploring the best of Whidbey with their extended Spokane family and with camera in hand.

“I’d say a 71 year old and a 10 year old entered the Sculpture Forest. After the tour, two 10 year olds came out. It was fun.

“Grace’s favorite part was “it was in a forest”. A winner right off! She loved being ‘scared’ by the sudden appearance of T-Rex around a bend. She was totally engaged on the trail as she helped us spy out a few of the pieces that were more difficult to see, as in Pegasus and the Heron. The interpretive signs help a great deal; you know it’s ‘time to look.’ She also loved ‘the legs’ as she called them. They surprised me, too. My favorite was the Gorilla; nicely placed ‘in the distance’, which gave it a jungle-like quality.

Grace really enjoyed the book of signatures and comments at the close of the trail. She lingered there a long time, even taking a few photos of some of the hand-drawn pictures of the T-Rex other children had done. She loved the comments too and added a few of her own. The booklet was very interactive for Grace. It gave her an opportunity to respond to what she had experienced.”

Thank you for sharing your experience and photos, Jeffrey!

Pat McVay Icarus Was Here feathers at Price Sculpture Forest photo by Jeffrey Neuberger of Oak Harbor WA
Some of the many feathers of Pat McVay’s Icarus Was Here
  • November 2023