We learned some interesting history about the area from our friendly easterly neighbors. It’s likely that nothing has ever been built on our property except for perhaps part of a small dilapidated logging cabin from around the 1920s that was on the northwest corner of their property and partially on our property. He also said that he has never heard of any farming on our property.  So, the lack of stumps in the upper/south portion of our land (pointed out by our forester friend) still remains a mystery. The neighbor did say that there were at least a few old growth stumps still on our property, complete with the springboard slots that loggers would stand on to saw higher up the tree trunk.

Apparently the Salish tribe had teepees along the beach below at Long Point (the neighbor’s mother actually remembered seeing them) and they would hunt on our land above. They recommended a book published in 1973 called “A Particular Friend, Penn’s Cove” by Jimmie Jean Cook. It details a history of the Penn Cove area, including Native Americans and follow-on inhabitants. Surprisingly, I was easily able to find a copy through an Amazon.com book reseller, and have already ordered it for $10 including shipping.

  • March 2008