We walked along the beach of Long Point twice this weekend, once in the evening and once in the morning. It’s a great beach along the north pointing, driftwood-strewn land. Because of its unique projection out into the mouth of Penn Cove, it offers unobstructed views east, north, and west, with tree-covered hills (including ours) to the south. Sunrises and sunsets can be seen from Long Point year around. The Coupeville wharf can also be seen projecting out into the water (it’s possible to walk to Coupeville by beach at high tide), sailboats come in and out of the protected cove, and the Cascade Mountains and Mt Baker rise to the east over Camano Island. The neighbors said there is a very plentiful smorgasbord out front: crab, geoduck clams, salmon, and more.
2008-03-22 Coupeville Long Point driftwood

Long Point driftwood

Sculpture Forest as seen from Long Point in Coupeville

Sculpture Forest as seen from Long Point

  • March 2008