We are overjoyed to announce that nationally renowned kinetic sculptor Jeff Kahn will be exhibiting a new version of “Wind Shear” that he has created especially for the Sculpture Forest.  He is so supportive of what we are accomplishing here for the public that he is contributing Wind Shear to the park’s permanent collection.  His art is on its way here now, being professionally shipped from the East Coast.

The picture below shows an earlier prototype to give you a good taste. The new Sculpture Forest version will be quite a sight to see: 15 feet tall, 16 foot span, and initial test videos show that it is a symphony in motion.  Jeff’s sculpture will be featured on the Nature Nurtured trail right after you enter the park through the upcoming custom cherry wood entry arch that is being handcrafted now.  Wind Shear moves elegantly in even light breezes, and it is beautiful either stationary or in motion.

We will provide further updates after Jeff’s sculpture is delivered and installed.

Wind Shear early prototype by Jeff Kahn at Price Sculpture Forest park
Earlier prototype of Wind Shear by Jeff Kahn
  • July 2020