We are excited to share that the Island County Commissioners and ARPA Program are providing a $3,700 grant to further expand access to safe outdoor activities for the entire community, including people with mobility impairments.  This is the first grant we have ever received!  Our entire budget comes from public donations and grants.  So, these contributions are very helpful as we provide services for everyone.

The grant project will be a short extension path plus associated signage, all directly available from the parking lot.  It is designed to be as accessible as possible in a forested natural environment, even more so than our existing accessible Nature Nurtured loop trail.  This short extension path will support interactive viewing of an intriguing, cutting edge art installation that is currently being created and planned to be revealed in later 2022.

Thank you for your appreciated partnership, Island County Commissioners and ARPA Program!

Island County Commissioners provide grant for Price Sculpture Forest
Island County Commissioners
  • January 2022