We are excited that Oregon sculptor MacRae Wylde is bringing his flight of fancy “Stevo’s Dream, The Ultimate Flying Machine” to Whimsy Way.  

MacRae’s work spans many styles and approaches, and he addresses an intriguing range of topical themes.  Fortunately for all of us, he also includes some whimsy from time to time.  If you ever want to enjoy experiencing real time creative energy, you should take a walk with MacRae through the Sculpture Forest.  He was inspired enough by the setting and possibilities that his mind is working through some site specific concepts that you might also see in the future.  We will see where “MacRae’s Dream”  (so to speak) may take him.

We will provide you with updates about MacRae and “Stevo’s Dream” in the future.  Then you can bring your kids of all ages to see it take flight.

Stevo's Dream, The Ultimate Flying Machine by MacRae Wylde coming to Price Sculpture Forest
“Stevo’s Dream, The Ultimate Flying Machine” by MacRae Wylde coming to the Sculpture Forest
  • August 2020