We are quite excited that interdisciplinary artist Boyang Yu is flying from New York City to Coupeville for a cross-country art adventure: To create the Sculpture Forest’s very first site installation.  He will be arriving in mid-August to imagine and build a new multi-media sculpture that incorporates natural down materials directly from the sculpture park’s forest interspersed with manufactured materials as needed for either meaning or construction.  He is literally showing up with just himself and his assistant.  We will provide tools and materials that he needs locally.  The sculpture will completely unfold and grow over his week onsite.

Boyang is heavily influenced by the properties of nature and its artificial by-products.  His work focuses on human society and explores its overlooked role within nature. He flirts with the questions “what is nature?” and “what are natural elements?” through a number of different mediums, ranging from leaves to home grown plants and man-made materials.  He sources many ideas and inspiration from the plant world and how it relates to building, construction, and architecture.

We are really looking forward to introducing Boyang to Whidbey Island.  What will unfold from his creative mind for you to see when the Sculpture Forest opens?  More updates to come.

Boyang Yu multi-media sculpture Points of Departure POD coming to Price Sculpture Forest
Early prototype of Boyang’s Points of Departure (in New York City)
  • August 2020